T4 & the not so hot presentation…

6 June, 2007

We came, we bored the judges to death then they ate us alive 🙂

You can probaby still see our remains out the corners of their mouths.

  • We hadn’t practiced 
  • Our slides were terrible
  • 2 of us were reading straight off our notes (& you could really tell)
  • Our research was missing
  • We assumed the judges wouldn’t be technical hence our architecture diagram was a waste of space
  • We’re pretty sure their fangs were dripping with venom when we were describing our future plans for the app
  • oh & one of the judges yawned

Yes, the judges were really direct which was awesome. There’s nothing worse than being told it was ok when it was clearly not.

We are thankful for the things that went right 🙂

  • We all made it on time (no one got taken out by a bus — yet, if you know Dunedin you know what we mean)
  • We all wore the Imagine Cup t-shirt
  • No one got “stage fright”
  • The demo worked without any problems!
  • The judges were still awake at the end and they asked reasonable questions and gave us excellent feedback. (Although we can’t help wondering if we could’ve got some of this ealier from our mentors)
  •  Huge thanks to the University ITS people who let us use the Video Conference room and helped us setup.

   Presentation Setup   Hamish Setting up his laptop   T4 setup the demo

Note: this post is Jen’s observation of the event & does not represent the whole team. References to the judges having fangs and eating us is metaphorical and added for dramatic effect – we love the judges 🙂



  1. Hey Team T4, great work and fantastic documentation of the struggle and effort you have gone through to get this far. Congrats on making it to the finals! You guys are very close to the finish line and making it to Korea! Keep up the great work and see you all in Auckland on the 22nd June 2007!

  2. I’d like to say that I wasn’t the judge that yawned!

    You’re on the money about reading off your notes (don’t do that in Auckland in two weeks).

    That said your demo was very good, practise practise practise and I’m sure you will be well received in the next round.

  3. Congrats on making it to the finals!

  4. Hi Nigel,

    Sorry about that. I would like to apologize for what being written in this post. We(except Jen) weren’t aware and only Jen has the write permission. If you ask me personally, I have taken many points from the Presentation, especially what is important for our team to focus on CCube Development. Everybody have and myself and David have come out with some prototypes on how to implement them too.Chris gave us an excellent idea.Again, I apologize for what being written here.

    TeamT4, Otago

  5. Hi all,

    If I knew this kind of post was gonna get so much interest in the blog I would’ve done it sooner!

    I apologise for not adding that this post was my own (Jen) observations of the event. Clearly my teammates and I saw the presentation through different coloured glasses.

    My intention was that this blog would share the positive AND negative experiences of competing in Imagine Cup – to pretend we are perfect and don’t make mistakes is kidding ourselves and I don’t see how others can learn from that.

    Obviously the bits about the judges eating us and having fangs was added to make the post more dramatic as I’m sure the judges or anyone else with even a remote sense of humour can tell.

    Jen Conder

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