T4 & the presentation prep…

4 June, 2007

So today is Monday 4th June – tomorrow we will have our presentation at 1pm and it will be the first day of EXAMS!

Working in our favour today we “celebrate” Queens’s Birthday so it is a holiday and there is no one around. Unfortunately Hamish & David both have exams this week, Jen has exam next Saturday (worth 70% mind) & Chaks is Masters’ students so no exams for him.

We have been working like busy bees to get our presentation together. Because the judges are in Auckland (we are in Dunedin -go look at a map) we are doing it via video conference. Arrangements were made for us to use the University’s very expensive video conference facilities. We have already had one practice with Microsoft NZ to test connection and figure our how the heck we are going to demo our software – hint: we need three laptops at least. The nice people who work in the AV centre here have been really helpful.

The structure of our presentation will be similar to our specification with the addition of a demo:

  • Jen will introduce the team, the problem and how it is relevant to education
  • Hamish will talk about our solution and how it solves the problem
  • Chaks will explain how our solution works and what tech we used to create it
  • David & Chaks will give a demo
  • David will talk about our future plans for the solution
  • Jen will conclude

We have read on many blogs that it is not so good for the whole team to speak but in this case our team is very close and all are knowledgeable and confident speakers. As long as we don’t screw it up it should flow nice.

We have also been quizzing each other with questions we think the judges might ask 🙂

T4 Hard at Work


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