T4 introduces its coffee boy…

29 May, 2007

He he. Today we fool around with T4 whipping boy & Microsoft Student Partner Hamish Hill.


Blog: Hi Hamish. So tell us about yourself.

Hamish: I’m a 5th generation Queenstown born southland boy. I have just completed my BSc in Information Science and Software Engineering. I have a wide range of experience  — not just in the IT industry.

Blog: Facinating. Any hobbies?

Hamish: SLEEP…. I hit the gym most days or go for a surf. In the winter I live for the snow so I head up to the hills as often as I can. In the weekends I’m quite partial to partying with my mates.

Blog: Sounds like fun. In your own words what does your project do?

Hamish: HAHAHA….NO. That is Top Secret information, I mean I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.

Blog: Ha, oh yes very funny. Well tell us please what have you enjoyed most about the competition?

Hamish: Learning about WPF, .Net 3.0, and the Expression toolkit.

Blog: If you could start over would you do anything different?

Hamish: I’d definitely start earlier. My advice to anyone thinking of entering in 2008: try and form a team as soon as the theme is announced (should be August 2007) and start working on it ASAP.

Blog: Thank you for your time Hamish & for the excellent coffee.


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