T4 introduces its lead developer…

28 May, 2007

Today we are getting to know the teams’ most experienced .NET programmer  – Chakkaradeep!


Blog: Here we are finally, Hi Chakkaradeep and thanks for putting down your keyboard long enough to answer our burning questions! So, tell us about yourself.

Chakkaradeep: I am Chakkaradeep from India. My friends call me Chaks which they find easier than spelling my full name :). I am currently doing my Masters in Computer Science at University Of Otago. I already hold a Masters in Software Engineering (which was done in India) and work experience of 2 years in the Software Industry.

My previous jobs dealt with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and their Server Products like Microsoft SMS, Microsoft MOM Server. I lead the Windows Server Team back in my previous job. Yes, there were C# coding too in certain projects.

I love Windows Programming. I program in C#.NET and WPF. I can rate myself to 6 out of 10 in Windows Programming. I also program in Linux and the languages I know so far are Python, Qt, PyQt, PyGTK and tools like Glade to build Interfaces in Linux. My current Masters project deals with Linux Server Management. You can find more info here

Blog: Wow, you’ve been busy. So what do you like to do in your spare time? *says blog sarcastically*

Chaks: In my spare time, I like to do what I want :D. Sometimes I go online, read some tutorials/samples/examples in Programming and try them. I watch movies a lot and my latest addition to the movies is Pirates of Carribean – At the World’s End. I love to be with my friends. I chat with them a lot online. I read the latest technology news and always keep an eye with the latest Microsoft and Linux news.

I also work with Yoper Linux and Klikit Linux as a freelancer. I love to develop/maintain/try Linux Distributions. I love Ubuntu for its ease of use . Its the best alternative to Microsoft Windows that you can suggest to your friend. Klikit Linux main aim is to build a Fun, Community based distribution. Yoper is totally from Scratch and lot of development works are going on and the best part is, Yoper is a New Zealand based distribution. I also love Microsoft Windows Operating Systems especially Windows XP Professional. Though Vista fails to be a good User Experience for a naive user, its good if you what is what in Computers and the you would love Vista too like XP.

And yes, I do Blog 😀

Blog: In your own words what is the team working on?

Chaks: Everything ! (My Team Leader would sack me if I tell what we are working on , lol, :D)  (no she wouldn’t – only if you made some profit from selling the info & didn’t share — Jen)

Blog: What problems have you encountered in your role within the team?

Chaks: There are nothing like Problems. Everybody are doing their job and that’s good. As others are having their exams nearing, I pity them that they have to lot of work to get themselves ready for the exams, and thus I took up the coding part in the project. Jen helps me though in Interface Designing and giving some ideas. 

Blog: What are you doing in the photo?

Chaks: Of course, laughing 🙂

Blog: Have you enjoyed Imagine Cup? What would you do different next time?

Yes, it’s Challenging and I wouldn’t think I would be doing next time as its only for Students 🙂

Chaks designing stuff on Whiteboard


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