T4 introduces its team leader…

24 May, 2007

Jen3D.jpgToday we meet T4’s crazy team leader: Jennifer Conder.

Blog: Hi Jennifer, tell us about yourself. 

Jennifer: Hi everyone. Please just call me Jen. I’m a 4th year Information Science student at Otago University studying Software Engineering and Computer Security. I’m also really excited to be the leader for our Imagine Cup team T4.

Blog: Great. So what do you do when you’re not at uni?

Jen: In my spare time I like to work on .NET projects, listen to music, watch movies & sometimes get some sleep!

Blog: The theme this year is education. So what is you team working on?

Jen: I can’t tell you too much. But I can say we did a lot of research into different problems in various areas of education and have decided to solve a problem that is encountered regularly by students: group collaboration. Obviously there are many existing products that already address this issue from different perspectives but we couldn’t find any that solve our specific use cases very well.

Blog: Ok. So how’s it going? Close to finishing?

Jen: We’ve had a few problems. Technical and team issues. We took a long time to find a good project and then had to assess whether the designs we had in mind were technically feasible in the time we have to compete. Also team wise it’s been difficult to arrange meeting times around already busy schedules. I have to be mindful that our studies are our main priority ahead of any extra curricular activities such as Imagine Cup. So the management has had to be very “agile”. IMHO we are no where near finished but once the key features are up and running it will be just a matter of polishing them and documenting the rest of our intended functionality just as Microsoft has suggested.

Blog: We have a photo of you here. What are you doing?

Jen: If I remember correctly I think I was placing some “buttons” on one of our paper prototypes.

Blog: Paper?

Jen: Yes paper first. While a tool like Expression Blend is fantastic for creating interfaces the program is so big a lot of time can be wasted playing around with layouts, gradients and making pretty buttons. I like to use it with a design already worked out and planned. Design decisions will change of course but the paper prototype saves us time and gives us something to go back to if we disagree.

Blog: Great Jen. Look forward to seeing the finished product, thanks for your time.


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